Equipment Assatec

Assatec provides Turn-Key solutions for industrial robotics and automation, both in Israel and abroad, as well as design and manufacturing of machines for diverse applications.

Equipment Assatec

Our solutions include design, manufacturing and integration of sophisticated automated systems, integrated with robotics when needed. We also provide support, repair and training services for Fanuc robots.

Assatec has integrated dozens of robots in complex applications to date, both in Israel and abroad. Some of our applications are unique worldwide.

Assatec was established in 1997 in Nahariya, Israel, and has since been selected by Fanuc Robotics, the world leading robots manufacturer, to be its sole integrator and representative in Israel.

Why we?

  • Stability: Assatec was established in 1997, maintains its stability and keeps growing.
  • Experience: Assatec has built more robotic systems than any other company in Israel.
  • Quality: Assatec uses only the world's best industrial robots by Fanuc Robotics.
  • Finish: all of our systems are manufactured to the highest finish standards.
  • Operational Simplicity: our systems are designed to be friendly even for the novice user.
  • Support and Service: support is given by experts in their fields, with an immediate response.
  • Spare Parts: huge stock of robotic spare parts in fast delivery from the USA, fast production of parts for our systems.
  • Technology: we make sure we stay up-to-date and in the frontline of robotic technology, to the benefit of our customers.
Equipment Assatec

So how do we do that?

After making the initial contact, we start a process designed to provide a complete solution for the customers' needs, a solution that will run for years to come. A typical process looks like this:

  • Understanding the Requirements: at this stage we meet with the customer on the production site, study the process (if there is one), the environments, the needs, problems etc.
  • Developing Solution Concept: after we properly understand the needs, we start designing an initial conceptual solution. The design includes selecting the right robot, initial End of Arm Tooling (gripper) design, process flow, peripheral components, layout etc.
  • Customer Approval for the Concept: here we present our solution to the customer for approval\ remarks\ modifications.
  • Budgetary Quote: at this stage we present the customer with a budgetary quote for the entire system, based on the solution agreed upon in the earlier stages.
  • Detailed Design: After a Purchase Order is received, we start with detailed system design, including components architecture, mechanical, control, electrical, software design etc. we also run advanced 3 Dimensional Motion Simulations of the system to make sure we are going to get exactly what we were planning to get... (Cycle times, duty cycle, motion path effectiveness, motion obstructions and more). The entire design is done in our engineering department, and closely monitored by the customer.
  • Production: Finally, once all the design stages have been completed, we send the design to our manufacturing department. About 95% of production is done here. The only processes that are outsourced are complex sheet-metal work, metal surface treatments, EDM.
  • Assembly and Run-Off: After parts are manufactured, we assemble and set the system up in our facility (if possible), including robot, mechanical assembly, electrical cabinets, control and pneumatics. Then we start running the system (again, monitored by the customer) in order to make sure everything is running as planned and to our satisfaction.
  • Final Assembly: When we are pleased with the results of the run-off, the system is freighted to the customers' site, where it is set-up and integrated with the plants' systems, and is then started up in regular production.
  • Training and Support: While setting the system up for production, we train the people selected by the customer in regular operations and troubleshooting, and assist them later on with close support. Further training is also available at the customers' request.

Examples of Assatec's projects

Equipment Assatec
Example Project 1

The first system installed by Assatec in 1997, includes two Fanuc robots, a sophisticated system for coating parts with special material in preparation for hot forging, a forging press and furnace. This system has been running since it was installed for 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Many similar systems have been manufactured to date.

Example Project 2

This system was installed in 2005 and is the first of its kind and size in Israel. The system includes 12 five axis CNC grinding machines, two overhead robots on 29 meter rails (Toploaders), two robots on floor rails, part tables, a closed loop part measurement and correction system, an advanced user interface and more.

Example Project 3

This system includes an electrical, high precision, two axis electric press for ceramic powder pressing, a five axis Fanuc robot, a palletizing system for preparing the parts for sintering, and an advance User Interface and Management System. 3 identical systems have been manufactured to date.

Example Project 4

This system, built in 1998, consists of 3 hot forging production cells, with 6 robots, 3 furnaces, part feeding system and more. In 2006 this system was upgraded to double production capacity by using a patent specially designed by Assatec. This system was designed to enable 'Flow-Line Production' as well as independent work cells production.

Example Project 5

This system was installed in 2006 in Georgia ,United Sates. The system includes 12 five axis CNC grinding machines, two overhead robots on 29 meter rails (Toploaders), two robots on floor rails, part tables, a closed loop part measurement and correction system, an advanced user interface and more.

Example Project 6

Automatic Robotic Deburring and Precise Filleting System, for steel and nickel parts after grinding. The first system was manufactured in 2004 and still is in successful production. The results of the robotic finishing exceeded the expectations, and thus 4 more similar systems were made for the same customer.


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