Tools Iscar

Company ISCAR is a producer of unique and innovative cutting tools for metalworking, including turning, grooving, milling, drilling, reaming, and screw-cutting tool.

Tools Iscar

The Carat Company is the authorized dealer of products of company Iscar, which participates in IMC Group Corporation. Our company provides engineering, consulting, technical audit, develops and implements operational and routine technologies, provides rational selection of cutting tooling designs, cutting regimes, conducts thematic seminars , demonstration and test trials of cutting tool and accessories.

Tools IscarTools Iscar

Innovative programs concerning cutting tool, tool-management, turning, milling, drilling tool with mechanical fastening of replaceable carbide inserts, special programmes for thread turning and grooving, tool for cutting shaped surfaces, replaceable cutting inserts for ISO and special inserts, solid carbide tools.

Quality, capability, stability and reliability of the ISCAR tools became unquestionable, and novelty of designs and metalworking technologies are unique. ISCAR is constantly working to develop better tools, expanding the product range and improving its quality and efficiency. This applies primarily to improvement carbide produced in the form of replaceable cutting inserts as well as of milling tools with rigid axle. Profound research work is performed in the field of wear-resistant coatings.

Apart from carbide production, ISCAR produces and provides the whole range of tools for turning and milling operations, equipped with cutting ceramics, synthetic diamond and CBN .

New alloys and coatings, allowing more rapid processing of materials of varying complexity at high rpm, preserve cutting edges and extend tool life.

New configurations reducing cutting forces, are energy-conserving, enhancing chip control and providing more cutting edges on the plate.

More cross-functional tools that meet the global trend of "complete machining" are working on CNC machining centers.

Tools IscarTools IscarTools Iscar

ISCAR pays great attention to quality control of issued metal-cutting tools: incoming deliveries of carbide powder are carefully analyzed, the production process is supported with optical viewing and computer studies at all stages, and a machining work center tests tools for cutting onerous and conducts inspection of the final product.

ISCAR is certified in accordance with international quality standards QS9000, ISO 9001:2008, labour protection and industrial safety standards OHSAS 18001:2007 and environmental safety standards ISO 14001:2004. It provides its customers guaranteedly with technological products and services of the highest industry standards, with tools that meet modern standards, are economically viable, highly productive and completely meet the needs of each client.


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