Equipment Metroptic

Metroptic is the leading company in developing and manufacturing of laser scan measuring systems. It was established in February 1997, maintains its stability and keeps growing successfully.

Equipment Metroptic

Why we?

  • Experience: METROPTIC has developed and supports applications based on a variety of user requirements, working directly with the manufacturers.
  • Quality: METROPTIC measuring systems supports quality assurance of output products in the most critical industries, especially in the aviation industry.
  • Perfection: METROPTIC measuring systems are manufactured to the highest finish standards of metrology and quality assurance.
  • Technology: The unique METROPTIC measuring technology protected by patents of United States and continues to improve.
  • High productiveness: Our systems can measure more than 5,000 data points per scan in approximately 2 seconds (including data collection and calculation). Those characteristics supply blade section scanning as fast as 5-6 seconds for a forged blade airfoil and 8-12 seconds for a final blade with high point density (40-50 pts. per mm of section contour). In comparison – touch-probe CMM provides about 50 data points per whole section contour at more than one minute.
  • Reliability: The scan data doesn’t need in approximation of points for section profile building. Every measuring point of profile fit with real point on the blade surface. In contrast to CMM measuring where lack of scanned points is lead to cross-points approximation for full section profile receiving.
  • Results completeness: METROPTIC software give opportunity to calculate all airfoil parameters based on real scanned points: leading and tailing thicknesses, section maximal thickness, leading and tailing radiuses, chord, section angles, convex and concave profile deviations, intersection parameters etc. and comparing the real (actual) section profile to nominal, based on master data before and after best fitting.
  • Wide visualization: The visualization tools give to user online full information about each section profile in parametric (data table) and graphic forms, as well as 3D blade image.
  • Operational simplicity: Our systems designed to be friendly even for the novice user.
  • Support and service: Each process in our systems is support and describe by online diagnostic service messages in special window on the screen. If users have any questions, our specialists provide technical support with an immediate response.
  • Maintainability: Our systems doesn’t need minimal manual intervention during its work life. Supply and change of out-of-operation parts provide as soon as possible.
Equipment Metroptic


  • June 1999: METROPTIC exposes the measuring machine at the international show in Indianapolis (United States).
  • August 1999: METROPTIC begin to supply measuring machines to the manufacturing firms.
  • July 2000: METROPTIC received a patent with the US Patents Office on its technology: Apparatus and method for optically measuring an object surface contour (patent number US6094269).
  • December 2000: METROPTIC received a patent with the US Patents Office on Stereoscopic sensor (patent number US6163640).
  • February 2001: METROPTIC won its first major contract for measuring machines of the first generation.
  • Measuring systems of the first generation have served successfully in a production environment from 1999 to 2008 years until they were .replaced by more improved METROPTIC systems of new generation
  • September 2006: METROPTIC begin to supply measuring machines of the new series under BLAZER trade mark.
  • Measuring systems series BLAZER work for all customers since 2006 till today without a failure, all systems are operational and continuously used in production.
  • June 2008: METROPTIC begin to supply measuring machines to USA.
  • July 2009: METROPTIC exposes the measuring machine series BLAZER at the international airshow in Le Bourget (France).
  • November 2009: METROPTIC mastered the blade fixtures development for its project in Singapore.
  • May 2010: METROPTIC implements dynamic laser intensity control and the object automatic positioning process.
  • September 2011: METROPTIC started market development in Russia and Ukraine.
  • May 2013: BLAZER measuring system was certificate by Russian state authorities.
  • May 2013: METROPTIC exposes the measuring machine BLAZER-2M at the Moscow international exhibition “Metalloobrabotka-2013” (Russia).
  • June 2013: METROPTIC begin to supply measuring machines BLAZER series to Russia.
  • August 2013: METROPTIC begin to supply measuring machines BLAZER series to Ukraine.

What do we do?

Section scanning systems BLAZER series

  1. BLAZER 2S is dedicated for small and medium size blades measurement. General blade height – up to 450mm, chord width – up to 100mm, minimal edge radius – up to 35 μm, total weight (including the holder) – up to 10 kg.
  2. BLAZER 2M is dedicated for medium and big size blades measurement. General blade height – up to 800mm, chord width – up to 280 mm, minimal edge radius – up to 65 μm, total weight (including the holder) – up to 30 kg.
  3. BLAZER 2M and 2S also measure the blade sectors with weighing up to 2 kg.
  4. BLAZER 2L is dedicated for very big size blades measurement. General blade height – up to 1800 mm, chord width – up to 550 mm, total weight – up to 400 kg. At the design stage.
  5. BLAZER 2X is dedicated for blisks measurement. Maximal outer diameter – up to 500 mm, maximal blade chord width – 100 mm, minimal blade edge radius – up to 70 μm, total weight – up to 20 kg. At the design stage.

Continuous scanning systems BLAZER series

BLAZER 3S for small size blades measurement. General blade height – up to 300 mm, chord width – up to 100 mm.

How do we do that?

Design features


  • 5 primary (3 linear, 2 rotary).
  • 2 additional rotary.


  • Granite base.
  • Thermo stable scales.
  • Temperature monitoring.

External influences protection:

  • External-field protection of electronic.
  • Protection from mechanical vibrations.
  • Complete dust proofing of the system.

Physical parameters

Measurement range:

  • BLAZER 2S model – 150 mm.
  • BLAZER 2M model – 200 mm.


  • BLAZER 2S model – 0.2 μm.
  • BLAZER 2M model – 0.3 μm.


  • BLAZER 2S model – 90 pts/mm.
  • BLAZER 2M model – 50 pts/mm.

Measurement of polished surface – no limits.

Metrological performance

Measurement space dimensions (width-depth-height):

  • BLAZER 2S model – 120 х 120 x 450 mm.
  • BLAZER 2M model – 250 х 250 x 800 mm.

Total error (including sensor and mechanic):

  • BLAZER 2S model – ± 0,008 mm (@3σ).
  • BLAZER 2M model – ± 0,012 mm (@3σ).

The measuring point repeatability:

  • BLAZER 2S model – 1 μm.
  • BLAZER 2M model – 1.5 μm.

Measuring technology

The measuring system based on a non-contact 3D laser scanning technology that allows for rapid and accurate measuring of an object’s surface contours. The technology is capable of capturing thousands of points on the surface of any object, by measuring cross-sections of an object substantially orthogonal to an axis of the object.

The system includes an optical electronic assembly, which is placed next to the desired section of the object to be measured. The optical assembly includes a source of light, such as a laser, which is configured to project a linear beam on the object surface. The optical assembly also includes a sensor, which is fixed relative to the laser and receives reflections from the object surface that are provided to a controller for processing.

Software MARS

The measuring system consists of self-developed software, Metrology Adaptive Research System (MARS), which operates under the Microsoft Windows environment. MARS allows users to perform extensive and complicated tasks in the metrology field. MARS is an extremely powerful application generator, which greatly reduces application development efforts and time to design new applications for the collecting, analyzing, processing and transferring of measurement data.

Some of our customers

  • Blades Technology Ltd., Israel – a modern enterprise specializing in the manufacture of compressor blades and vanes for aircraft jet engines.
  • Precision Components International, USA – a enterprise specializing in the manufacture of blades for Pratt and Whitney America engines
  • Airfoil Technologies International, Singapore – a company specializing in the repair of aircraft engines
  • NPO “Saturn”, Russia – a developer and manufacturer of aircraft engines
  • “Turboatom” PSC, Ukraine – a manufacturer of steam turbines for power stations
  • etc.

Examples of Metroptic's projects

Cluster measuring (3 blades and root)
Blazer general
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Goniometer Principle of operation
Blazer Casting rod scanning
3D scanning
Goniometer Blade scanning
Blazer Turbine blade AF + root scanning
Analog of POMKL


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